July 2023 Update: We are moving.

NEWS: We are unexpectedly moving due to a loss of our lease.

Currently we do not have a new location. We are desperately seeking a new place for our senior residents. Meanwhile we are in need of fosters and adoptors to help keep everyone safe until that happens. For our fosters, food will be supplied. We have some great dogs, both young and old. We also are looking at ways to keep our feral cat colony safe and sheltered until we find a new location and build them a retirement cattery where they can no longer fear outside predation like owls and coyotes and live the rest of their lives pampered and safe.

Any help finding a location that can be rented/leased until we are able to buy land would be greatly appreciated!

Intakes are currently paused.

Until we are relocated and settled there is no way we can safely take in any new animals.

Meanwhile we will open up our website and facebook group for courtesy posts. If you have a dog or cat in need, please email us info on the pet along with a photo and we will get it up as soon as we can.

Donations to help care for all our charges during this difficult time are very much appreciated.


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We are in need of voluteers that can help with social media! We have been very behind in keeping everyone updated via social media due to our current situation and are looking for a volunteer that can on a regular basis answer questions, create posts and promote our available dogs and cats. Contact us if you would be interested in helping.

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