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Things We Need!

There are items we are always in need of to keep up with the needs of our senior rescues.

Any items at all on these lists are greatly appreciated and donations are tax deductible - we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We strive to make their last years comfortable and loved.

Our mission to save our senior best friends is dependent on donations. For those that would prefer to donate items, we have listed the items we are in most need of but welcome donations of any sort.

Even donations as small as one towel or a roll of paper towels helps! If items are donated that we cannot use, we can donate them to one of our other local rescues that could use that item.

  • Amazon Wishlists - the items are shipped directly to us.
  • You can drop it off at OFSARNOF, Inc. Call or email for our address.
  • We have several events we plan to attend and items can be dropped off at our booth.
  • We can pick up items locally too!

We have an updated wishlist on Amazon, items on this list will be shipped directly to us and we keep it limited to items we truly need.
Amazon Wishlist

Items that we are currently in need of (items in bold are what we are in most urgent need of): TOWELS and BEDDING! - always in dire need used or new, Dog and Cat Beds, Crates and Carriers (all sizes), Dog Shampoos and Conditioners - especially medicated for old dog skin problems, Flea Meds, Garbage Bags, Taper Towels, Garden Hoses .

These are items we just need one of and will remove if donated: Washer, Dryer, Lawn Mower.

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Just saving them from the shelter can make all the difference!

Meet Velvet. She is 11 years old and was completely shut down in the shelter. She would barely even glance at us as we stood by her kennel talking about her so of course we decided we couldn't leave her behind. As soon as she was out of there, she turned into a entirely different dog! Ends up Velvet is a spunky old gal with lots of opinons and a love of a soft bed and being petted. Velvet is currently up for adoption or foster.

Help us save more old pets just like Velvet!

  • Apply to foster or adopt a senior pet today!
  • Donations help us to care for these wonderful old souls.
  • If you can no longer care for your elderly pet, contact us before they end up in a shelter.