Fostering and Adoption

Interested in Adopting or Fostering a Senior Pet?

If you are interested in fostering for us, please fill out our Foster Application and read our Foster Information . Once we recieve it we will contact you.

Think Adoption first!
These dogs ask for little and have endless love to give back.

If you are interested in Adoption, please be sure to fill out our Adoption Application.

Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

There are some great reasons to adopt a senior:

  • Old pets need homes too! They are often overlooked in the shelters. A lot of the dogs in our program were once well loved but have owners who became ill or passed away so are homeless through no fault of their own.
  • Old dogs can learn new tricks! They have greater attention spans than puppies as well.
  • Your furniture and carpet will thank you.
  • Most of these seniors have years ahead of them still to love and be loved.

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