Our Feral Cat Colony

We also care for a Feral Cat Colony!

Years ago we inherited the care of a feral cat colony. All cats are spayed and neutered and quite a few have tamed themselves and are really nice kitties! Most are older now

We always are in need of cat food and flea meds to feed and protect these sweet felines!

Learn about SNR/TNR programs in your area to help feral cat overpopulation.

SNR (Shelter/Neuter/Return and TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) programs can help address the overpopulation of feral cats and reduce unnecessary euthanisa of cats. A majority of counties in Florida have a program in place and information can be found on their websites or by calling them.

Benefits of an SNR/TNR Program (info from the Marion County FL Animal Services Website).

  • Reduces mating behaviors such as yowling, fighting, roaming and spraying.
  • Significantly reduces euthanasia of cats
  • May improve quality of life
  • It can provide neighborhoods relief to cat overpopulation

We are in desperate need of senior cat foster homes. If you would like to be a foster for a senior cat, please fill out our Foster Application Form. Senior cats in our program must be kept indoors and we require that they get lots of love and attention! Help us save a older shelter cat, it is a wonderful experience.

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